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Hello dear reader,
You must be thinking what this painting is doing in health blog?
Well.. I like to indulge in my hobbies, that is painting and crafting during free time. its really relaxing.
This one is my palette knife painting also know as impasto painting. I used acrylic gold as background and Persian blue, violet to make flowers, butterflies and my favorite hummingbird. It is made on 24”x18” stretched canvas.


Homeopathy for Growing Pain in Children.

0F0C5B34-DE2B-4CE6-8E3C-B0EC605BF881Is your child always complaining of pain in legs? Are crampy, achy legs keeps your child awake at night?

He or she may have growing pain. It is a most common cause of childhood musculoskeletal pain. Growing pain is a type of non-inflammatory pain syndrome. It mainly affects children between the ages of 3-12 years.
Growing pain usually starts in early childhood, around age 3-4. Then tend to strike again in kids aged 8-12.
In general, growing pain are felt in both legs, especially in the front of the thighs, in the calves (the back part of legs, below the knee), behind the knees, and it is almost always bilateral(both legs hurt). Children who have growing pain also more likely to have headache and abdominal pain.
The pain is usually felt after late afternoon, after physical exertion, in the evening, and at bedtime. The legs pain hurt so much that it may wake your child from sleep.

Homeopathic medicines for growing pain in kids:

Homeopathy offers very safe, natural and effective treatment for growing pain.There are number of remedies in homeopathy for growing pain in kids. Among them leading remedies are Calcarea Carb, Calcarea phos, Silica, Natrum Mur, Arnica Montana, Calcarea Sil, Rhus tox, Byronia etc.;
Homeopathic remedy is selected on the basis of thorough symptoms and other details like physical and psychological characteristics of child. such well selected remedy gives complete relief from growing pain and also supports the healthy growth of child.

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Homeopathic Treatment and Remedies for Asthma in Children


Asthma, which occurs in adults and children, is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways characterized by reversible airflow obstruction. The airways become narrow and lungs become inflamed.
Both allergies and asthma runs in families.if you have family history of allergies or asthma, It is more likely that your child will have them.

Signs and symptoms of asthma in children:

Not all children have the same Asthma symptoms, and these symptoms can vary from episode to episode in a same child. It’s characteristic features include wheezing (Whistling sound when breathing in or out). Frequent coughing spells, which may occur during play, at night, or while laughing and crying etc.; Usually, cough is non productive and non-paroxysmal; it may present with wheezing. Other symptoms includes: less energy during play, shortness of breath,tightened chest and neck muscles, feeling of weakness or tiredness.

Asthma is usually triggered by:
Cigarette smoke (including exposure to secondhand smoke)
Air pollution
Intense exercise
Cold air
Upper respiratory track infections.

Role of homeopathy in asthma in children.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which tries to cure this disease, instead of trying to provide symptomatic relief. The correct homeopathic remedy can avert an acute crisis, while ongoing treatment will work to clear condition completely.
Homeopathy offers holistic treatment as it goes into root of problem and treat the source.
While dealing with the case of asthma, a homeopath not only records the symptoms of the disease but also studies the medical history, family history, physical and psychological characteristics (temperament) of the person. This helps to find the cause of precipitating factor and the hereditary tendency etc.
Now after ascertaining the symptoms and the cause, the homeopath finds the medicine which matches the symptoms as well as general characteristics of the patient. Such well selected remedy gives complete relief and cure without any side effects.

Homeopathic medicines for asthma in children :
There are number of medicines in homeopathy for asthma symptoms and it is not possible to list them all here, few leading remedies as follows:

Natrum sulphuricum : This is a very useful remedy for asthma in both children and adults. There is difficulty in respiration that aggravates in damp, humid weather.there is severe cough that makes the child hold his chest as it hurts to cough. The onset of cold climatic condition triggers the asthma. Expectoration is greenish and copious.

Tuberculinum : This is a useful remedy for asthma patients as it helps build up the immune system to try to prevent recurrent colds and chest infections which may precipitate asthma attacks.

Blatta orientalist: this remedy is well suited in asthma symptoms such as aggravation of symptoms on exertion and ascending. Mouldy, damp environments worsen or trigger the asthma attract. There may also be allergy to mounds, mildew and rotting leaves.

Ipecacuanha: If asthma is associated with nausea or vomiting then ipecacuanha could be indicated. Patient presents with a constant cough with gagging and vomiting. The symptoms are worse in warm humid weather.

Sambucus niger : This remedy can be helpful particularly in childhood asthma. Especially indicated when asthma attack is worse at midnight. The asthmatic attack with marked perspiration,especially on waking.

Other remedies includes asr alb, spongia, pulsatilla, sulphur, hyper-sulp, antim-tart etc. Selection of medicine varies from patient to patient. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult qualified homeopath for treating your individual case.

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paint 🎨 a pot..handmade 🎁


I bought this small clay pot few days back..thought to do something creative with it.

things needed:

basic terra-cotta pot/clay pot, flat brush, size zero brush, acrylic sealer, acrylic gold, acrylic white, and acrylic magenta.

first clean your pot with water.


489540C7-A546-4D47-A0BB-3FD10F8B1C40.jpeg6145BA32-2BBB-47F2-A249-25956ACB5D3A.jpegI use magenta and gold acrylic as base. And give vertical strokes with size 12 brush.


Here it is, after double coat of colours

DFA24D40-99F2-4767-8F09-2540AB612A8D.jpegThough it’s looking beautiful as it is..artbug in me didn’t wanted to paint some more. So I decided to draw dragonfly on it.

50533586-ECC8-4730-81F6-0FB269CA78EC.jpegI use size 0 paint brush to draw white dotes descending downwords.

2E7C4D45-AF73-4E39-B610-D043A639C85C.jpegAnd acrylic gold to make its tiny wings.


And here is the final result.


Apply acrylic gloss sealer from within and also outer part to make it waterproof. Beautiful and colorful pot is ready. You can plant any small plant, 🌿 herb, succulents or lucky bamboo. Decorate your own space or use it as handmade beautiful gift.



Homeopathy for Leucorrhoea (white discharge)

Leucorrhoea, which is also commonly know as “white discharge” (“shwet pradar” in hindi) is common problem in female. Normally (physiologically), vaginal discharge occurs during ovulation, during pregnancy, and in some women, few days before menses. when this secretion increases in amount, then it is term as leucorrhoea. physiological vaginal discharge is white, odorless and it can be sticky, yellowish, or watery.

Etiopathogenesis : Leucorrhoea itself is not a disease but can be symptom of many diseases. profuse white discharge can be associated with pathological conditions like Trichomoniasis Vaginitis [with greenish, foul smelling discharge], Candidiasis [curdy,thick discharge], Bacterial vaginosis, etc. In such cases, there is profuse white discharge with associated symptoms like burning, itching, pain in lower abdomen and lower back pain are also present.

Leucorrhoea may be present as without any apparent disorder. generally, during increase white discharge [without apparent disorder], patient also complains of profound general weakness and lethargy, mental irritability, mild itching, lack of concentration in routine work.

Why Homeopathy for leucorrhoea?

There are some of the best homeopathic remedies for leucorrhoea like sepia, pulsatilla, natrum group of remedies and kali group etc. which not only gives complete cures but also reduce the repetitive tendency of complaint without any side-effect. homeopathic medicine is selected on the basis of  symptoms, hence the medicine differs from patient to patient.

General management

-Maintain proper hygiene.

-Avoid use of pessary, tampon.

-Avoid stress

-Have nutritious food.

Homeopathic remedies for piles

Piles, which is also known as haemorrhoids is a very common condition suffered by the 75% of population, at least once in their lifetime. It is very common among people in the 45-65 age groups.

In medical terms, piles can be defined as ‘disrupted and dilated anal cushions’. There is a maze of small arteries (vascular structure) loosely held by smooth and elastic muscles which form the cushion around the anal canal, These small arteries are prone to inflammation, displacement and disruption (often due to pressure during defecation). In a simple language, haemorrhoids are dilatation of vascular structure around anal canal.

There are two types of haemorrhoids. External haemorrhoids are the piles which develop around the outside of anus and the internal haemorrhoids which develops inside the lower rectum (which one cannot see them unless they protrude out).

Symptoms of haemorrhoids:

  • Itching around the anus especially in cases of external piles.
  • mucous discharges from anus
  • Pain, blood clot can form in an external haemorrhoid and this may results in severe pain and swelling.
  • Painless anal bleeding, both external and internal haemorrhoids are often associated with painless rectal bleeding. Bright red blood may be found on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl after having normal bowel movement.

Causes of haemorrhoids:

  • Chronic Constipation with prolonged straining is a key factor.
  • Prolonged sitting and straining during bowel movement can develop piles.
  • Sedentary life style, lack of physical exercise and constant sitting may lead to constipation.
  • Obesity is also common cause of piles.
  • Pregnancy, piles during pregnancy is common phenomenon, as fetal growth in womb exerts the pressure on rectal arteries. It is more common in last three months of pregnancy and immediately after delivery.
  • Lack of fiber in a diet.
  • Piles due to pelvic tumor, portal hypertension are seen in rare cases.

Prevention and precaution:

  • Drink plenty of water (at least 3 litter in whole day) to avoid hard stool.
  • Avoid spicy food, especially during pain.
  • Have fiber rich diet, like apple, banana, figs, carrot, broccoli, spinach are rich source of fiber.
  • Daily exercise like walking is essential, especially for those who have sedentary life style.
  • Keep the affected area clean to prevent further infection.

Here, I am presenting few homeopathic remedies which have shown very efficient results in cases of haemorrhoid (piles)

Acid Nitricum: this drug has shown wonderful curative effect in many cases of haemorrhoids. I know the case where instance pain was relive within half an hour after administration of single dose.  it acts best when following symptoms are present. There is a symptoms like feeling of constant pressure in rectum. Haemorrhoids are painful or painless. There is constant pressing out and protruding of piles during defecation with loss of blood.

Hamamelis  virginica:  Hamamelis is another wonderful remedy for haemorrhoids, especially bleeding piles. This remedy covers the symptoms such as haemorrhoids bleeding profusely with sourness, heaviness, pulsation in rectum. Constant urging for defecation without being accomplishes it. Even a small quantity of blood loss [few drops] due to piles is followed by great debility.

Ratanhia: Ratanhia is another frequently used remedy to treat the haemorrhoids, especially when following symptoms are well covered by case. There are symptoms like burning and pricking pain in anus even for hour after stool, as if there are pieces of broken glass in anus. There is itching around anus. Stool is forced out by great straining.

As I have already mentioned in my previous blog posts, homeopathy treats the patient as a whole. Hence whenever there is a chronic case of haemorrhoid where piles develops even after surgery (haemorrhoidectomy), detail homeopathic interview (which includes medical history, personal and past history, temperament etc) and administration of constitutional treatment is required to break the haemorrhoidal tendency by safest way.

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Homeopathic remedies for migraine and other chronic headaches

Most people get the headache often, but how do we know if it’s a migraine? Hence, let us understand the migraine and the other types of chronic headaches. Migraine and tension headache are most common headaches among all other types.

A migraine is a headache with throbbing pain that is usually worse on one side of the head. The pain is often severe enough to hamper daily activities and may last from four hours to three days if untreated. Throbbing pain typically occurs on one side near the temples, forehead, and eyes.

In classical migraine, there is a visual or other aura lasting for 15-30 min followed by the throbbing headache. An aura is a sign that a migraine is about to begin. Visual aura is distorting and melting of lines, dots or zigzag or hemianopia (diminished vision in half the visual field) few minutes  before the headache. Aura precedes the headache by minutes and may persist during it.

There may be isolated aura without the headache and also there may be an episodic severe headache without aura. In common migraine, there is an episodic severe headache with or without aura. It is often premenstrual (before, during and after menses).

Your headache may be a migraine if you have any combination of these symptoms:

  • Moderate to severe pain (often described as pounding, throbbing pain) that can affect the whole head, or can shift from one side of the head to the other.
  • Sensitivity to light (photophobia), noise (phonophobia) or odors, there may be sensitivity to almost all stimulus, all stimuli produce pain, for example: combing the hair, wear earrings or glasses, and even climbing stairs can increase the severity of pain during migraine attack.
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea or vomiting, upset stomach, abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sensations of being very warm or cold
  • Fatigue

Triggers of migraine attack: Certain food like chocolate, cheese, caffeine, red wine etc can trigger the migraine attack. Other trigger includes stress, travel, exercise, climate changes, alcohol, smoking etc.

Tension headache: Tension headache is a most common type of headache; thought to be caused by tightened muscles in the back of the neck and scalp. Most tension headache occur infrequently, and are usually short lived (resolved within minuites to a few hours). In rare cases, the headache may last for many days. Tension headache that occur more than 15 days each month are referred to as chronic tension headache. The pain of chronic tension headache tends to wax and wane in severity.

The pain associated with tension headache typically impacts the whole head, but may begin in the back of the head or above the eyebrows. The pain is frequently described as constant and pressure-like, with scalp muscles tenderness (pain on touch).

Tension headaches are not associated with nausea or vomiting and do not have symptoms like flashing lights, blind spots, or numbness or weakness etc. These symptoms can help distinguish tension headaches from other types of headaches (for example, migraine).

The exact cause of tension headache isn’t known, and many factors probably play a role in why people develop the headache. These factors may include: lack of sleep, skipping meals, or increased stress (leading to a frequent description of these headaches as stress headaches).

Underlying diseases or conditions may frequently cause a headache, for example, eye strain, muscular tension caused by poor posture, over exertion, or anxiety.

Cluster headache: It is the most severe headache among all type. It is a recurrent bout of excruciating unilateral (one sided) headache attack of extreme intensity. There is a rapid onset of severe pain around one eye which may become watery and bloodshot with eyelid swelling, facial flushing, and rhinorrhoea (runny nose). Pain is strictly unilateral and almost always affects the same side. It lasts for 15-160 minutes and occurs once or twice a day. It is often nocturnal (severe pain often wakes you up at a middle of the night). Clusters (headache) lasts for 4-12 weeks and followed by pain-free periods of months and even 1-2 years before the next cluster. Fortunately, cluster headache is rare and not life-threatening.

Headache is a secondary symptom in many disease conditions like sinusitis, otitis media, cervical spondylosis, hypertension, intracranial pathology etc. hence primary cause needs to be excluded.

Homeopathic treatment for migraine and other chronic headache

Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole. It means that homeopathy focuses on the patient as a person as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicine is selected after full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes detail medical history of patient, physical and mental constitution etc. Hence, the medicine given below indicates the therapeutic affinity but they are not complete guide to the treatment of the condition.

Here, I am presenting few homeopathic medicines with its characteristic symptoms which have shown effective results in cases of migraine and other chronic headaches.

Natrum Mur: It is a deep acting constitutional* remedy. Natrum muriaticum is one of the best known homeopathic remedies for migraine and another chronic types of headache. It is best suited to highly sensitive, emotional, short-tempered personality. The chronic headache started after prolong grief, shock, disappointment, etc. this remedy covers the symptoms as follow. there is headache mostly during daytime (from sunrise to sunset). There is a terrible pain in the head which increase by slight motion, by reading etc. There is a congestive headache due to eyestrain. There is diminished vision with zig-zag dazzling like a light in eyes before the headache.

Sepia: Sepia is another deep acting constitutional* remedy. It acts best when following symptoms are well covered by the case. It is best suited to delicate, sensitive women. There is bursting and pressing pain in the head, often the left-sided headache, pain mostly over the left eye with heaviness over the vertex. There are nausea and vomiting with the headache. Severe headache before, during and after menses. Pain increase by movement, and mental exertion. Aversion to all kinds of food during headache, very distressing headache every morning with nausea and vomiting. Falling of hair with the headache.

Sanguinaria: This is another headache remedy, works well with following symptoms. There is a periodical sick headache, Which begins in the morning, and increase during daytime. There is a throbbing pain in the head as if it must burst or as if the eye would press out. There is pain often worst on the right side and especially in the forehead followed by nausea and vomiting of food or bile. There is severe headache begins from occiput (back of the head) spread upwards and settled over the right eye.

Belladonna: It is one of the frequently used remedy for an acute attack of migraine and other headaches. There is a congestive headache with throbbing pain. There is violent, severe pain which becomes worse on exposure to light, noise, slight motion. The headache starts suddenly, lasts indefinitely, and ceases suddenly.

Glonoine: This remedy is mostly used for headache due to sunstroke or exposure to heat. There is congestive, throbbing, pulsating headache. Head feels like enormously large with heaviness sensation. The occurrence of Headache in place of menses.

*Constitutional remedy: Constitutional remedy is a medicine which works deep down on constitutional level (mental and physical built) of patient which is selected on the basis of complete details of symptoms/disease, temperament, likes and dislikes, physical built, past history etc. such treatment is worth needed in chronic cases.

This is, however, not aimed at advocating self-medication, medicine should not be used without professional help.

Homeopathy for Delayed milestones

“My baby is 1-year-old and his first tooth is yet to appear, is it normal doctor?” “My baby is 11-month-old and still I have to support her head, I am worried?”

These are some queries of the worried parents of children with delayed milestones. An arrival of a baby is always a bundle of joy but if a normal physical and mental development are not achieved within the appropriate time period then it becomes the matter of worries.
Such worries can be tackled with the appropriate knowledge about a normal physical and mental development of the child. Children have different growth rhythm, which is often a familial feature.
Development of skills depends on maturation and myelinisation of the nervous system.

Here, I am presenting the range of normality of some important developmental field.

              FIELD              EARLY         AVERAGE       DELAYED
Smiling 2-3 days after birth 4 weeks after birth    8 weeks after birth
Head holding 5-6 months
Appearance of first tooth At birth 6 months 14 months
Grasping 3.5 months 6 months
Rolling over 18 weeks 28 weeks
Sitting without support 5 months 10 months 19 months
Able to stand 25 weeks 10 months
Walk without support 8.5 months 15 months 18-24 months
Speech –first word with meaning 9.5 months 2.5-4.5 years

Developmental delay or delayed milestones is a delay in the achievement of developmental goal within its appropriate time period. For example: unable to learning to walk by the age of 13 to 15 months old etc. if the child is slightly or temporarily lagging behind cannot be called as developmental delays. Delays can occur in one or many developmental areas like motor area (like walking, grasping things), language (like stammering, words, forming sentence), or social or cognitive area (understanding).
Causes of developmental delay  are as follows:
Delayed milestones could be due to Genetic cause (like chromosomal defect), or pre-natal (during pregnancy), peri-natal (During delivery/ parturition) or post-natal (after birth) or it could be idiopathic (without any cause).
Prenatal causes: -excessive mental stress during pregnancy; hypertension (increase blood pressure during pregnancy may affect the foetal growth); Infection during pregnancy (like malaria, typhoid); threatened abortion (bleeding during pregnancy); premature birth; maternal nutrition during pregnancy (undernourished or malnourish mother); Infection and drugs during pregnancy; etc.
Perinatal causes: – mal-presentation; hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the foetus during parturition); obstructed delivery etc.
Postnatal causes: – illness and infection after birth; malnourished or undernourished child; parental attitude; etc
General causes: – genetic factors; environmental factors; familial factors; intelligence and emotional attribute; the general level of health etc.
Homeopathic treatment for delayed milestones:
There are effective medicines for delayed milestones in homeopathic system. However, if the cause is known, homeopathy works better in such cases. Hence, detail history (including paternal and maternal history) is always expected during the homeopathic interview.
Here, I am presenting a list of few homeopathic medicines which have shown their effective results in cases of developmental delays.
The medicines like Calcerea carb, Silica, Calcerea –phos, etc for slow/delayed dentition.
Natrum mur, Calcerea carb, Carcinosin, Calcerea-phos, etc for slow/delayed learning to walk.
Agaricus, kali brom, etc for Speech, slow learning to walk and talk.
Aethuja, Arnica etc for unable to Head holding.

Homeopathic medicine which is selected on the basis of thorough detail history of patient which includes details of disease/symptom, temperament, physical built (physical constitution), causative factor etc gives complete relief and cure without any side effects.(for example, the medicine Calcerea carb will more likely to suit to baby with fat and flabby built.).
However, this is not aimed at advocating self-medication, medicine should not be used without professional help.

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